My name is Agata Dmowski and I'm a licensed esthetician with more then 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.I graduated from the Beauty Institute of Cracow in Poland. I was the first person in New York City to offer the ultrasound skin treatments. I was featured in the New York magazine as one of New York's best esthetician with her Ultrasonic Facial.

 As an esthetician dedicated to skin care I want to help my clients achieve the healthiest skin possible from the inside out. And not only treat my clients’ skin, I educate them on everyday maintenance and product usage. After-all, I may work on your skin once a month, but you work on your skin all the other days making home care education very important. Our face should be considered as the most important part of our body, so treat it well!

I'm not only offering traditional European facial, I'm specializes in aesthetics and medical treatments. I believe in a clinical approach to more beautiful skin. I  have perfected luxurious customized face and body treatments that have been the secret weapon of clients who look beyond the quick fix for long-lasting, rejuvenating results.

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